Apple reportedly ditches most health sensors on Apple Watch due to inconsistencies

The Apple Watch is expected to launch in April. According to a report, the Cupertino firm’s first smartwatch was supposed to be a health-centric device, sporting a number of sensors that monitors heart rate, stress levels, and even blood pressure. However, due to inconsistencies with these sensors gathering health-related data, most of the sensors were ditched with only one sensor being kept – the heart rate sensor.


This is according to a report from Wall Street Journal. According to the report, Apple failed to factor in the amount of hair on the skin or the various levels of dry skin, which resulted in inconsistent behaviour.

Additionally, even if Apple resolved the problems with the health-tracking sensors, having these sensors and health-related apps would make the smartwatch a medical device, which would require approval from the FDA (US Food and Drug Administration). Tim Cook and co reportedly met with FDA officials to get approval for the Apple Watch, but in the end concluded that this wasn’t the time to launch a medical device, especially in a time when the wearable was just about to test the waters. This said, it was decided that the Apple Watch would be more a luxury fashion accessory instead.

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