Apple reportedly disappointed with Foxconn robots

According to Chinese media, Foxconn is testing robots to be used in its assembly line. However, Apple is said to be disappointed with the results, as the robots aren’t accurate enough to make iPhones.


The news comes to us courtesy of Chinese publication Jiemian. According to the report, Foxconn’s robots have been built to be used in their assembly lines. The level of accuracy from the robots is .05 mm. Apple, however, requires a .02 mm level of accuracy. So it seems these robots will not be used to build future iPhones, as humans still come up with more accurate results. The only work these robots will be good for at the moment is tightening screws and other tasks that do not require that much accuracy.

So why aren’t the robots accurate enough to make intricate mobile devices? According to the report, the robots were designed to work for automobile assembly lines, which isn’t quite suitable for smartphones.

So what does this mean? This means that it might be a long time before we see a fully automated assembly line for iPhones, despite a second generation of robots in the works. This also means that we’ll have to deal with human error in the next iteration of the iPhone.

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