Apple patent suggests future iPhones will sport a hidden front-facing camera

AppleInsider has discovered a patent application made by Apple last year. The patent suggest that future iPhones will sport front-facing cameras hidden under the speaker grille.


The patent application was filed with FPO, titled “Electronic Device With Camera Flash Structures.”


“An electronic device may contain a camera, a camera flash, and a display in a housing. The camera flash or the display may provide illumination while capturing images with camera. The camera flash may be formed from light guiding structures that receive camera flash light from a light source. The camera flash may be located under a speaker port mesh. A speaker port may contain a camera and a camera flash. Light guiding structures may have a ring shape with an opening. A speaker port, camera, or button may be located within the opening. A button may have an opaque portion in which a transparent light guiding structure for a camera flash is embedded. Camera flash structures may produce camera flash light to capture images and can serve as a status indicator to indicate when a message is received or other state change is detected during operation.”


“An electronic device, comprising: a housing; a display mounted on a front face of the housing; a speaker port in the display; and a camera flash in the speaker port.”

So what does this all mean? With the camera and flash hidden under the earpiece grille, this means a more clean and seamless design. It also means better selfies. Previous and current versions of the iPhone never came with front-facing flash.

The question is, will we see this in the iPhone 6? This is less likely to happen. We may, however, see it future iterations of the iPhone. Note that not all patents see the light of day. So there’s also a possibility that we never see this feature.

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