Apple iPhone 5C not a flop after all – outsold Blackberry, Windows Phone, and Samsung Galaxy S4 in Q4 2013

The Apple iPhone 5C has been dubbed a “flop,” with reports saying the plastic-clad iPhone failed to sell. Apparently, this isn’t true as the handset has outsold Blackberry, Windows Phones, and Android handsets such as the Samsung Galaxy S4 in the US in Q4 2013.iphone-5c-colors

AppleInsider reports, “Apple’s high-end iPhone 5s has been so remarkably successful, in spite of the supposed cheapening trend in smartphone buyers’ tastes, that Apple’s critics have been forced to pounce upon the supposed “failure” of the iPhone 5c instead; a phone that sells so “terribly” that it also outsold the ostensibly successful Samsung Galaxy S4 on half of America’s top carriers, and pushed every other Android phone out of the top U.S. sales charts entirely, from the first month it went on sale.”

Speaking about the amount of iPhone 5C units sold by Apple, the site says, “While the exact iPhone sales ratio is a closely held secret inside Apple, data from multiple sources, compiled by blogger J. M. Manness, indicates that about 12.8 million of the 51 million iPhones Apple sold in the winter quarter were iPhone 5c, while 6.4 million were iPhone 4S and 31.9 million were iPhone 5s. That number aligns with reports that the 5s outsold 5c by a ratio of around 2.5:1 overall.

“That means iPhone 5c sold twice as many units as all Blackberry smartphone sales combined (6 million), more than all of Nokia’s Windows Phone smartphone sales in the winter quarter (8.2 million), and in fact, all of Microsoft’s Windows Phones sold globally in the winter quarter (slightly more than 8.2 million, as Nokia makes 90 percent of the world’s Windows Phones).

“Even Samsung’s flagship Galaxy S4 reportedly sold just 9 million units in the winter quarter. If you do the math, that’s less than 12.8 million.

“LG’s heavily marketed flagship G2 reportedly sold just 2.3 million units in the winter quarter. That indicates that Apple’s mid tier iPhone 5c outsold Samsung’s Galaxy S4 and LG’s G2 put together.”

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