Amazon CEO signs fan’s iPhone 5 – tells her it’s time to ‘upgrade’

Amazon fan Christie Angino attended the unveiling of the retail giant’s first smartphone the Amazon Fire Phone. After the event, attendees were asked to join the company at the Brave Horse Tavern in Seattle for free lunch and drinks. At the gathering, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos shook everyone’s hands and signed whatever they asked him to sign. Angino asked Bezos to sign her Apple iPhone 5. Bezos wrote, “Upgrade time?”


Angino told GeekWire, “You could see him pause for a moment with the Sharpie in hand, thinking and deciding what to write on the phone.”

Speaking about how Bezos handled himself at the banquet, she said, “It was evident that he was going to give each of us a moment to say hello and really ensure we knew he appreciated each and every one of us. So it was an excited, but calm atmosphere. He did not give a speech to us, and was not introduced formally, he just walked in and came to each table and looked each of us in the eye and said hello and thank you. I was surprised actually at how sincere it really felt.”

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