Almost half of smartphone web traffic in the UK generated by iPhones

Wondering what brand of smartphone dominates smartphone web traffic in the UK? According to “online advertising network” Chitika, smartphone web traffic in the UK is dominated by iPhones.


According to the chart you see above, in June of 2014, 48.9% of smartphone web traffic was generated by Apple’s iPhones. Although iPhones account for almost half of smartphone web traffic in the UK, this is down from 49.7% in January.

In second place are Samsung smartphones at a distant 22.8%. Although at a far second place, the Korean tech giant is up from 21.4% in January.

Surprisingly, in third place is BlackBerry at 15%. It is down, however, from 16.8% in January.

HTC is at fourth place at 3.1% (up from 3% in January). Nokia is at fifth place at 2.5% (down from 2.8% in January). Sony is at sixth place at 2.4% (up from 1.8% in January). Google is at seventh place at 1.1% (up from 0.7% in January). Motorola is at eighth place at 0.9% (up from 0.5% in January). Others are at 3.3% (no change).

Chitika notes, “To quantify this study, Chitika Insights analyzed millions of UK smartphone-based online ad impressions generated within the Chitika Ad Network from June 16 through 22, 2014. The historical data were drawn from impressions observed from January 22 through 28, 2014. The results were then graphed alongside each other for comparative purposes.”

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