Alleged case for unannounced Apple iPad 4 Mini reveals no mute switch

The Apple iPad Mini 2 and its successor the Apple iPad Mini 3 barely show any differences when it comes to design. The two look almost identical, apart from Touch ID fingerprint scanner. With this on board, users can use the feature to pay for stuff using Apple Pay, Apple’s new mobile payments service. Another difference is the omission of the 32 GB option in favour of a bigger 64 GB capacity. Other than those, the two look alike from the dimensions to the design. If leaked photos are to be believed, this may not be the case with the Apple iPad 4 Mini.

Apple-iPad-mini-4-case Apple-iPad-mini-4-case (1) Apple-iPad-mini-4-case (2) Apple-iPad-mini-4-case (3)


The photos of the alleged case for the iPad Mini 4 as well as the video from @OnLeaks, a Twitter account renowned for leaking information on yet to be announced devices, suggest that the upcoming mini iPad will come with more significant changes to its predecessor. It also suggests that the tablet’s launch is nearing, since manufacturers are starting to produce these cases.

According to reports, the Apple iPad Mini 4 will be available in the fall. It is said to offer a slimmer design, a single row of speaker grill openings, a mic in the place of the mute switch, and hardware improvements, such as the new A9 chip and 2 GB of RAM. Additionally, it is said to run iOS 9 out of the box (we’d actually be surprised if it didn’t. iOS 9 is expected to focus more on multitasking on iPads.

Of course, since we can’t confirm if the cases are for the Apple iPad Mini 4, take this with a pinch of salt.

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