240 units of the Apple iPhone 6 stolen from a warehouse in China – suspected robbers arrested

240 units of the Apple iPhone 6, worth over £151,000, were stolen in a warehouse in China. Chinese officials have arrested three men who are the suspected culprits behind the heist.


According to China-based Xinhua, Beijing Police have arrested three men who dug a 20-inch hole in a warehouse and initially made off with the loot containing 240 units of the Apple iPhone 6. The warehouse is owned by a Chinese logistics frim, which ironically hired one of the men as a driver. The three sold the iPhones to purchase cars and gold to gamble. The iPhones’ serial numbers helped police find the men.

The demand for the iPhone 6 in China has grown to whole new heights. The smartphone has been nicknamed “Kidney 6” in China, after a teenager reportedly sold one of kidneys just to get his hands on the device. Although the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 Plus are available in China, buyers would rather get their hands on the new iPhones from the black market to avoid the luxury tax slapped on imported devices. Ironically, all Apple products are assembled in China.

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