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US Lifts Huawei Ban (on some products).

The ins and outs are sketchy at best, but President Trump has now announced that US companies can again sell their equipment to Huawei.

Trump Lifts Ban on Huawei

Further to the original ban on trading with Huawei on May 15th, this weekend saw the president give China a trade concession.

This means Huawei should once again be able to buy components like Qualcomm processors and utilise Google’s Android OS for their smartphone range.

Huawei had already assured their customers that all current (sold and unsold) smartphone models would be fully supported and receive the Android Q update as usual, the ban would have effected any new models yet to be released.

For now, Huawei is still on the so-called “Entity List” of companies that the U.S. Department of Commerce bars from dealing with American entities, however White House economic advisor Larry Kudlow said the Commerce Department intends to grant more licenses to U.S. companies to allow them to do business with Huawei.

Huawei stated that its 2019 revenue will be $30 billion below estimates due to the disruption caused by the ban, and that’s without accounting for the damage done to its brand.

Huawei was widely expected to beat Samsung for the first place in the smartphone market within the next year.

The latest devices have been extremely popular with consumers, the Huawei P30 and P30 Pro continue to be in our top selling charts week on week.

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