Motorola Moto X 4th Gen rumoured to feature fingerprint scanner

Almost every flagship these days features a fingerprint scanner. The Samsung Galaxy S6 has one, and the Apple iPhone 6S comes with one. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case with Motorola’s high-end devices. Neither the Motorola Moto X Play, the Motorola Moto X Force, or the Motorola Moto X Style offer the feature, which is ironic since Motorola’s earlier high-end devices were one of the first to offer the feature. The devices include the Motorola ATRIX and Motorola ATRIX 2. So does this mean that Motorola has given up on the feature? If a tweet is to be believed, this will no longer be the case with the upcoming Motorola Moto X 4th Gen.

Fingerprint scanner to be on board the Motorola Moto X 4th Gen?

fingerprint scanner

The tweet comes from @Ricciolo1, a known tech journalist. On Twitter, he suggests that the Motorola Moto X 4th Gen would feature a fingerprint scanner. He tells us to “PLACE your FINGER” on a powerful Motorola-made device. He also says that it is coming soon.

Here’s the tweet:

Here’s what we know so far:

Recently, a leaked photo that allegedly shows the internals of a Moto X 4th Gen prototype revealed that Motorola is planning to make use of an internal heat pipe for better management. The device is expected to feature the Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 SoC under the hood. Having a heat pipe suggests that the said CPU suffers from the same overheating issues that plagues its predecessor the Snapdragon 810 SoC (CPU found under the hood of the Sony XPERIA Z5 Premium). If you find this bothersome, don’t worry. The heat pipe seems to work fine with the XPERIA Z5 Premium. Samsung is also reportedly planning to use an internal heat pipe for units of the Galaxy S7 that have the Snapdragon 820 under the hood. So when do we get to see Motorola lift the lid on the Motorola Moto X 4th Gen? According to the same report that leaked the internal heat pipe for the said device, the smartphone will make its official debut on the 2nd quarter of 2016 (from April to June).

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  1. Motorola X play a fabulous smartphone, recently received marshmallow update. Keep majority of the specks, camera, screen quality, looks and feel.No issues, just needs the snapdragon 820 processor perfect. For the Motorola X generation please.

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