Second high-end smartphone from LG coming in second half of 2015

LG recently launched the LG G4 (some markets are yet to get the South Korean smartphone maker’s new flagship). Now, we’re hearing that another LG-made high-end smartphone is coming in the second half of the year.


The news comes to us courtesy of Focus Taiwan. According to the site, an LG official confirmed that their new high-end smartphone will be launched in the second half of 2015.

This isn’t the first time LG has said that a second high-end smartphone will be launched this year. LG CEO Cho Jun-ho said that the South Korean phone maker planned to “release a product that stands above the G series.”

Although no details have been revealed about the second high-end smartphone, since Focus Taiwan says that its specs are yet to be finalised, it is believed that it will be the follow-up to the LG G Pro 2 (pictured above). The G Pro 2 competes in the high-end phablet market. The device was launched last year.

LG recently lifted the lid on the LG G4 Stylus, which is a phablet. However, it is a mid-range device and not high-end.

Looking forward to the LG G Pro 3, or whatever LG ends up calling its upcoming high-end device? Let us know through a comment on our Phones LTD Facebook page.

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