LG wants to trademark G3 Lite, G3 Vigor, G3 Vista and G3 Beat

PhoneArena has spotted trademark applications with the USPTO (US Patent and Trademark Office), revealing that LG wants to trademark “G3 Lite,” “G3 Vigor,” “G3 Vista,” and “G3 Beat.”





We already know about the G3 Beat, which seems to be a trimmed down version of the larger G3 in China. The LG G3 Vista is said to be a device headed to US network operator Verizon. The G3 Lite may be another name for the LG G3 Mini. Sadly, the G3 Vigor is a complete mystery. With Vigor in its moniker, we’re guessing it’ll be a device that targets active or outdoorsy consumers.

LG is yet to officially announce the LG G3 Mini, but with the Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini recently making its debut, we’re guessing the LG G3 Mini will soon make its debut as well.

Interested in the LG G3 Mini? What do think LG will end up calling the device? Share your thoughts through a comment on our Phones LTD Facebook page.

One thought on “LG wants to trademark G3 Lite, G3 Vigor, G3 Vista and G3 Beat

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