LG G4 quick tap and touch issues revealed

At the XDA forums, there is a 21-page (at the time of writing) thread about the LG G4, with owners complaining about their new smartphone suffering from lag and not registering quick taps and swipes. This issue prevents the smartphone from properly making use of the Knock On and Knock Code features. To recap, Knock On allows users to wake up the device by tapping twice on the screen, and putting it back to sleep by tapping twice again. Knock Code allows users to create a series of two to eight taps to either lock or unlock the smartphone.

The LG G4 to Launch in Canada June 19th (CNW Group/LG Electronics Canada)

XDA surveyed 194 owners of the LG G4, and revealed that 40.21% do not have issues with their smartphone, while 59.79% are having issues with the touchscreen.

Here’s how to check on the responsiveness of the LG G4’s screen: Open the dialer and type in 277634#*# to open the service menu. Go to Device Test -> Service Menu –Manual Test -> Touch Draw Test – Manual. Tap, touch, knock and slide on the screen and a red mark should appear on the spots where the screen was touched. This will allow you to find out if the LG G4’s screen is responsive or not.

We’re hoping that this issue can be solved with a software update. If it’s a hardware problem, LG will have to recall defective units and replace them with units that actually work.

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