Google reportedly to use MediaTek chips in entry-level handsets on Android One project

According to a source speaking to DigiTimes, Google will be using low-cost processors from MediaTek to make entry-level handsets on the search giant’s newly announced Android One project. The Android One initiative hopes to provide affordable but powerful devices to entry-level markets.


DigiTimes reports, “Google has chosen Taiwan-based MediaTek as the strategic solution partner for the development of the Android One platform that will enable handset makers to build low-cost smartphones targeting nearly one billion potential users in emerging markets, according to sources in Taiwan’s handset supply chain.

“Under the Android One initiative, Google will offer a set of hardware and software guidelines, as well as reference design platforms, for device makers to build affordable smartphones more easily and faster.

“Google has been in talks with MediaTek for the Android One in the past six months and has promised to offer its latest software and filmware of Android platform to the Taiwan-based IC design house for detailed development, indicated the sources.”

At Google I/O, Google demoed one of the devices to be included in the Android One initiative. The Android One smartphone (picture below) is manufactured by Indian device manufacturer Micromax. It sports a 4.5-inch screen, dual SIM card slots, and a MediaTek MT6575 dual-core processor.


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