New Samsung Galaxy A3 6 (2016 model) Contracts & Upgrade Deals

Samsung’s Upgraded Galaxy A3 for 2016

New black, gold and white Samsung Galaxy A3 2016 dealsSamsung has been busy upgrading their A-series of smart phones for 2016, we first saw the release of the new Galaxy A5 6 2016 a few days ago and now the more affordable Galaxy A3 6 2016 model has been launched.

Keeping the much loved design with a ‘squarer’ form factor likened to the previous flagship S2, the Samsung Galaxy A3 2016 is now available in black, gold and white colour schemes.

Cheapest Samsung A3 2016 Prices

The Samsung A3 6 2016 now has deals available across multiple networks and also upgrade contracts for those wishing to stay with their existing operator.

A popular offering for most of the UK networks, the Galaxy A3 6 2016 can be ordered with contract deals on EE, iD Mobile, O2, Talk Mobile, TalkTalk, Tesco, Virgin and Vodafone.

For those who prefer to stay with their current operator, the new A3 2016 has prices for EE upgrade, O2 upgrade and Vodafone upgrade.

The cheapest pay monthly tariff prices to include a free phone currently cost just £15.50 a month on the Carphone Warehouse operated iD Mobile network, for this low monthly payment you are allocated 150 minutes of calls and 500MB of data … suitable for low users.

Upgrading to the Samsung A3 2016 is a little more expensive with the cheapest contract deals offering a free phone currently priced at £19 a month providing 500 minutes of calls and 500MB data.

By far, the most popular contracts are currently at £17.50 and offered on Talk Mobile, these tariffs pack 1000 minutes of calls and 2GB of monthly data.

What the Samsung A3 2016 offers

If you love the Galaxy A3, then check out the newly beefed-up version. The 2016 edition of this affordable smartphone is also known as the A3 6 and offers a dazzling display, improved camera, and super-sized battery, all wrapped up in a swanky metal casing.

Fancy killing some time with the latest blockbuster games and movies? The new Galaxy A3 is ready to rock, thanks to a 4.7 inch HD display that’s a treat for the eyeballs. There’s even a reduced bezel around the screen, so you can binge on box-sets with a truly edge-to-edge display.

Don’t forget to check out the 13MP camera on board, to ensure that no photo opportunity goes un-snapped. With top-notch results even in low light, you’ll soon be the envy of Instagram. There’s also a 5MP front-facing lens, to ensure that any selfie fans out there don’t feel neglected.

Keeping things ticking over nicely behind the scenes is a super-speedy quad-core 1.5GHz processor, and heavy-duty battery. Whether you’re gaming, streaming or surfing the web, you’ll enjoy all-day action from the A3’s powerful performance.

If the display on your current handset looks more like a spider-web than a screen, you’ll love the shatter-proof Gorilla Glass and metal body of the new A3. With its heavy-duty build and winning features, the 2016 version of the Galaxy A3 is an epic all-rounder.

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