Samsung Galaxy S5 Free at £32.99 a month

#DEALALERT Samsung Galaxy S5 New Deal with 2GB Data

Samsung Galaxy S5 Free at £32.99 a monthA new deal for the best-selling Samsung Galaxy S5 has just hit our radar!

Samsung Galaxy S5 – New Deal

Up until now the most popular deals that included a free (no upfront cost) Samsung Galaxy S5 were priced at £33 a month and offered 1GB of data along with unlimited calls on both Vodafone and O2.

This brand new that has just become our most popular deal for the Samsung S5 is priced just 1p cheaper a month at £32.99 however it includes double the data at 2GB whilst stripping back the inclusive minutes to 1000 a month.

£2 Extra for Unlimited Calls

This seems to be a far more suitable deal for many consumers who are tending to use more data and less minutes in this online age, that said the second most popular deal for this phone is just £2 more expensive at £34.99 and adds the unlimited calls back in along with the 2GB data allowance!

Both of these offers are on the 4G specific EE network which is now the fastest and largest in the UK.

More good news is that if the charcoal black edition of the Samsung Galaxy S5 is not for you then these same deals are now available for the shimmer white, electric blue and copper gold colour schemes too!

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