O2 Launches Nokia Lumia 630 (Black/Green) Pay As You Go Deals

The Windows Phone 8.1 powered Nokia Lumia 630 has finally landed on pay as you go in the UK, this pocket friendly Nokia phone was originally launched on O2, Orange, T-Mobile, Vodafone, Talk Mobile and Tesco Mobile contract deals back on May 29th this year as well as being offered as a network unlocked SIM free phone.

Nokia Lumia 630 on Pay As You Go deals

Now, those that prefer the pay as you go format of phone ownership can now buy both the black and green Nokia Lumia 630 thanks to O2, however if you prefer the orange version of Nokia’s phone then the wait is going to be a little longer.

Nokia Lumia 630 black, green, orange

Check out the best Nokia Lumia 630 deals on contract, pay as you go and SIM free.

What does the Nokia Lumia 630 offer?

If you’re looking for a new smartphone or need a phone to upgrade to that won’t break the bank, then the Nokia Lumia 630 is an excellent choice. It represents a great value smartphone. It’s a great entry price to get access to the Nokia Lumia features like free internet radio and maps.nokia lumia 630 black

Nokia phones are brilliant for taking photos, and the Nokia Lumia 630 is no different. The camera will give you amazing images, and the large, high quality touch screen is perfect for showing them off to friends. You can even add captions and explore a whole range of creative effects and filters right from your phone. And if you’re always in new places, you’ll love the Nokia Storyteller app. It arranges your photos into albums according to location, and will even display them on a map to you can see exactly where you were for each photo.

There’s a free maps app called HERE Maps that comes with the 630. It lets you download maps of entire countries for use even when you’re not on the internet. In fact you can get your route, pinpoint your location and get turn by turn navigation without having to be online. It’s perfect for when you’re abroad and data costs are high.

If you like a good deal you’ll love Nokia Lumia 630. From the moment you switch it on you’ll have free internet radio with millions of songs. That’s Nokia MixRadio, the app that’ll also find new music you’ll love based on your current music library. You’ll also be able to use your phone for work because you’ll have real Microsoft Office with Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

Green & Orange Nokia Lumia 630If you’re worried that transferring you old contacts to your new 630 will be tricky, you don’t have to be. The special Transfer my Data app copies all your contacts into the Lumia 630’s phonebook. And if you use iTunes, there’s an app that’ll help you sync your iTunes collection onto your new phone too.

If you like to show your personality, or love colour matching your clothes, the Nokia Lumia 630 is excellent. You can swap the back cover of the phone for any number of other coloured shells. And the homescreen can be changed for any colour you like – you can even use your own photographs to make it super personal.

As a great first smartphone or easy to use new phone, the Nokia Lumia 630 is brilliant.

NB: If you love this phone and want 4G speeds to compliment it further then check out the Nokia Lumia 635, exactly the same phone with 4G LTE capabilities!

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