White Huawei P9 prices

Huawei P9 Black & White Get Tariff Prices & Upgrade Deals

UK Retailers Launch Huawei P9 Deals

The latest P9 flagship smart phone from Huawei has now been launched across multiple networks for those looking to ‘port’ their mobile number with ‘new customer’ deals as well as those staying with their network on upgrade contracts.

The Huawei P9 has launched in both black and white colour schemes and can be ordered on Vodafone, O2, iD Mobile and EE 4G tariffs as well as upgrade deals on all but the Carphone Warehouse operated iD network.

Huawei P9 black & white contracts

How much are Huawei P9 deals?

If you are looking for the cheapest contract offers that include the Huawei P9 without an upfront cost then the lowest line rental tariffs are currently priced at £26 per month on O2 and Vodafone.

Both of these plans are primarily for low users with Vodafone offering 500 minutes of calls plus 500MB of monthly data and O2 including even less with 300 minutes plus 300MB of data.

The most popular deals are currently on Vodafone at £30 per month (unlimited calls and 2GB data) and on O2 at £31.50 a month (unlimited minutes and 3GB of data).

EE’s cheapest Huawei P9 tariffs to include a free phone is at £32.49 per month and offers 1000 minutes of calls and 1GB of 4G data although for just £4.99 upfront choosing a different tariff at the same monthly cost will get you 5GB of data.

If you would prefer to connect to the iD Mobile operator that uses the Three network for signal then you’ll need to part with £41.50 a month if you don’t fancy paying anything upfront.

What about Upgrade Prices?

Many consumers who are happy with their current operator choose to stay with them and keep their mobile number, this can sometimes cost a little more but is seen by many as less hassle and risk.

Huawei P9 upgrade prices are marginally more expensive than ‘new customer’ and ‘new number’ contracts with the cheapest upgrade plans to include the phone with no upfront cost priced at £31 a month on O2, £32 on Vodafone and £37.49 on EE.

Prices for the white edition of the Huawei P9 are exactly the same as the black model.

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