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Tesco Mobile Offers the Cheapest Prices for the Apple iPhone 6

The main network operators and online retailers all launched their contract deals the very next day after Apple announced the new iPhone 6, however Tesco Mobile have now released their prices for Apple’s new iPhone and one of their pay monthly offers is the cheapest line rental with no upfront costs!

iPhone 6 cheapest deals

Cheapest prices for Apple iPhone 6

Tesco Mobile iPhone 6 Deals

iPhone 6Up until now, consumers were having to pay a minimum of £48 a month in order to not pay upfront for their new iPhone 6 (although Vodafone have just released a £43.50 offer), Tesco’s new tariffs now offer a free phone at just £41 a month and with some pretty good monthly allocations that will suit many users.

Included in the £41 a month tariff are 3000 minutes of calls, 5000 text messages and a good 3GB of data to use every month! What’s different to taking out a contract with other networks is that the phone price and monthly line rental are bundled together so you’re actually paying £17 a month for the tariff and £24 a month for the iPhone 6 …

The great news is that once you complete your 24 month contract you no longer have to make payments for your phone so your bills drop to just £17 a month! Other network incentives include earning Tesco Clubcard points for every £1 you spend on your mobile bill!

Tesco also have a downloadable app so that you can keep up to date with exactly how many minutes and how much data you’ve used.

Tesco Mobile actually runs on the O2 network as a virtual operator so you can be assured of great coverage, if you’re not sure then head here to check coverage in your area. Tesco also have their own coverage checker if you want to check for 4G coverage here.


One thought on “Tesco Mobile Offers the Cheapest Prices for the Apple iPhone 6

  1. I haven’t heard of Tesco Mobile before, probably because it is a UK company. However, this looks like a great deal at only 17 pounds/month which appears like it would be around $30 USD per month if it was in the U.S.

    According to my own research on cheap iPhone 6 plans (for the United States) is that our lowest price option is Boost Mobile (a Sprint brand) at $35/month although the availability of the phone with their brand is still pending. After that, Sprint has the best deal with unlimited everything, including 4G LTE for $50 per month.

    Dang, it appears the UK has much better deals on cheap phone plans than the U.S. I’m jealous 😉

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