HTC One M9 Pre-Order Contracts Released on EE 4G, Vodafone & O2

If you’ve been admiring the new HTC One M9 from afar by watching promotional videos and reading up on its specifications and features then you’ll be very glad to hear that today is the day it has moved to ‘pre-order’ in the UK!

HTC One M9 contract deals and prices

Find HTC One M9 deals at the cheapest prices today.

Pre-Order Deals

You can now order your new HTC One M9 in gunmetal grey, gold on silver and exclusive gold on gold colour schemes, both are now available with contract deals on O2, Vodafone and the 4G EE networks as well as without a contract as an unlocked handset.

The cheapest prices for the lowest line rental tariffs (at time of writing) are currently at £30.50 on Vodafone, £31.99 on EE and £33 on O2, if you are not looking to pay anything upfront for the phone then tariffs start from £34.50 a month.

All new M9

Introducing the new HTC One M9, an elegant and pioneering new flagship smart phone from HTC.

HTC One M9

HTC One M9

A new design makes the best first impression. The dual-tone smartphone has a full metal body but remains light and crafted for comfort. Curves running down the side of the body sits perfectly in the palm and a beautiful 5 inch screen is the finishing touch and provides a one-of-a-kind full HD experience.

A 20MP camera captures memorable moments forever and can now be captured in 4K, the best video recording available on Smartphones with additional features that turn the everyday home movie in to an epic masterpiece. Capture more detail and get a more natural look with the HTC 4 UltraPixel front-facing selfie camera, with airbrushing and make-up apps.

HTC crank sound up to the next level with two front-facing speakers and incredible Dolby Audio surround sound that delivers the best mobile phone audio experience.

The M9 is not just another mobile phone. Apps tailor to the time of day, your personal calendar and your location, send you relevant content and information for your current situation.

In Soho on a lunch break? Your HTC One M9 will message you the best local restaurants in the area.

Bullet Point Features:

HTC One M9 Gold on Silver

HTC One M9 Gold on Silver


The HTC One M9 is as good a fashion accessory as it is a smartphone. Its sleek all-aluminium body looks beautiful, especially with the new mirrored edges that add a splash of variety to the smooth design. It also feels great to hold. The phone has a solid feel of quality and fits comfortably in your palm, giving you a reassuring grip.


One thing you’ll notice about the back of the HTC One M9 is the new, square camera lens. This hides a fantastic 20MP sensor that shoots crystal clear photos. And it’s protected by sapphire glass to stop it getting scratched. Round the front HTC has used its UltraPixel technology, which lets a camera capture more light, to create a great selfie camera. Those two impressive cameras are backed up by some advanced new photo editing software so you can make your shots really stand out.


Whether you want to watch a movie or share music with friends, the BoomSound stereo speakers on the HTC One M9 are astonishing. They’re fantastically loud, super clear and give virtual surround sound thanks to Dolby Audio technology. So you get an immersive experience no matter what you’re listening to.

HTC Apps

The HTC One M9 lets you create a completely personal experience on your phone. Its new themes app lets you build your own design for the software. You can use your photos as a background and then pull out key colours from the picture that’ll tie your app icons and menus into a theme. You can even choose to change the style of the icons.

The new Sense Home widget automatically pulls your most used apps onto your homepage based on where you are and the time of day. So when you get to the office, your emails might pop up. Then, when you get home, Netflix might replace them.


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