Black Friday / Cyber Monday iPhone 5S Cheapest Online Prices

If you’ve been holding off buying your new iPhone 5S until the Black Friday Weekend sales event and Cyber Monday online discount day then have a look below at the very cheapest prices for contract deals available in the UK.

Cheapest iPhone 5S Prices

Cheapest contract deals for a Free iPhone 5S for Black Friday Weekend and Cyber Monday online

Cheapest iPhone 5S Contract Prices

Now that the new iPhone 6 has become the flagship Apple phone the iPhone 5S has been given significant discounts when buying with a pay monthly contract, the very cheapest line rental that you can currently pay that includes the phone with no upfront cost (free) is priced at just £22.50 a month!

These deals offered on Vodafone are aimed at lower users or those that always connect via Wi-Fi rather than data as the monthly allocations are 300 minutes of calls, unlimited text messaging and 250MB of data each month.

Best Value iPhone 5S Package

The most popular cheapest deals for the iPhone 5S are actually priced at £24.99 a month (saving £79.99) on the EE 4G network and double the data and calls allocations to 500 minutes and 500MB which is far more reasonable and actually better value for money considering you’re only paying an extra £2.49 a month!

Cheapest iPhone 5S Pay As You Go Prices

If pay monthly contracts are not for you or you are buying as a gift for somebody else then O2 currently offer the cheapest price for an iPhone 5S on Pay As You Go (or Pay & Go as it’s known on O2!) at just £459.

Unlocked, SIM Free iPhone 5S

If you’re buying as a present for someone else or you are happy with your current contract deal or you are looking to get a cheap SIM Only deal separately for your iPhone 5S then the current cheapest SIM free price for an unlocked phone is £454.79.

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