Cheapest Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge refurbished deals

Refurbished Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Deals – Hurry!

Refurbished S7 Edge Contracts

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Refurbished DealsIt’s not very often that we see deals released for refurbished Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge handsets and the stocks are always limited, but retailers have just secured a new batch of these returned phones and contracts are way cheaper than usual.

Refurbished handsets are simply those that have been returned by a customer within 14 days, usually because they either decide it’s not the phone for them or that they may have ‘over committed’ on their monthly tariff charges and had second thoughts.

These handsets are then inspected, refurbished and sometimes re-boxed before being offered a vastly discounted prices compared with brand new phone deals.

Compare the cheapest Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Deals

The Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge has been in circulation for a few months now and so we are starting to see refurb contract deals on a more regular basis, however the stock is much in demand and these deals don’t hang around for very long so if you’re looking for a great way to own Samsung’s latest S Series flagship at a cheaper than usual price, now’s the time to act!

Samsung S7 Edge Refurb Deals

The latest refurb contracts offer the S7 Edge with no upfront cost from as little as £28 per month, compare this with the cheapest pay monthly tariff at £33 for a brand new handset and you are saving a whopping £120 over the contract period!

This cheapest S7 Edge deal also includes a further incentive of £48 cash back so once claimed the saving is actually £168 in total. >>> Compare S7 Edge contracts today

What’s the downside of refurbished?

Well, aside from knowing your phone is not brand spanking new, out of the box (which some people just don’t seem to be able to ‘handle’) there might be a small hairline scratch to the finish somewhere on the body.

Barely noticeable to anyone apart from you, refurb handset deals are all about saving money, if you can get past the fact that someone else has already ‘manhandled’ your phone then there are serious savings to be made!

How do I know it’s refurbished?

UK retailers have to state where they are selling a refurb phone deals rather than a brand new handset, when you add your chosen deal to your basket you will see that instead of just the normal make and model of your chosen phone it will read ‘refurbished’, ‘clearance’ or ‘like new’ after the name.

If no text is attached to the end of the make and model name then you are ordering a brand new handset.

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