Samsung Galaxy S6 PRICE DROP – Now FREE on £31.99 tariffs

Just a quick update to let our visitors know about a price drop for Samsung Galaxy S6 contract deals that happened overnight…

Previously, you would have been looking at paying a minimum £34 a month for contract tariffs that included the Samsung Galaxy S6 free of charge (with no upfront cost), however the price has now dropped down to just £31.99!

Samsung Galaxy S6 at £31.99 a month, free Samsung S6 phone, 1000 minutes of calls and 1GB of data

Compare the cheapest prices for Samsung Galaxy S6 deals

This particular pay monthly plan includes 1000 minutes of calls, unlimited text messages and 1GB of data to use every month and is on the EE 4G network, however … we have some sage advice for you …

Our Advice to get more for your money

There are two more contract tariffs, both with EE and priced exactly the same at £31.99 a month that include more for your money with a small upfront cost.

Option 1 includes unlimited calls and 2GB of data and you only need part with £24.99 up front.

Option 2 provides even more with the same unlimited calls but bumps the data allocation right up to 5Gb a month for a £44.99 upfront price!

Even better news is that these deals are also available for the white pearl and gold platinum editions of the Samsung Galaxy S6.

Overall Costs Compared

So there you have it, pay a little upfront and gain more in the long term, the total expenditure for each tariff is as follows:

  • 1000 minutes + 1GB data @ £31.99 x 24 + Samsung Galaxy S6 £0.00 = £767.76
  • Unlimited calls + 2GB data @ £31.99 x 24 + Samsung Galaxy S6 @ £24.99 = £792.75
  • Unlimited calls + 5GB data @ £31.99 x 24 + Samsung Galaxy S6 @ £44.99 = £812.75

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