Get Savvy! – THE 2 Best Contract Deals for the iPhone 6S 64GB & 128GB

How to get the cheapest iPhone 6S deals

fb ad iphone 6s 1It’s time to get savvy and not always plump for what looks like the best contract deals with a free phone if you want the cheapest way to own the Apple iPhone 6S.

We already knew our customers were a savvy bunch, but looking at the best selling deals from over 2 million currently available has cemented this even further as both of the top deals are actually 12 month contract deals for the iPhone 6S.

12 Month Tariff Savers!

You can save an absolute packet by opting for a 12 month contract deal instead of a standard 24 month tariff so long as you do the maths!

Here are the current cheapest deals that let you own an iPhone 6S 64GB in either space grey, gold, rose gold or silver…

cheapest iphone 6s 64gb contract deals

iPhone 6S 64GB 12 Month deal

The first thing you notice is the monthly line rental price at £64 which in anyone’s book is steep! However imagine you are gong to own your shiny new iPhone 6S for at least two years (like normal contract deals) and you can cut that in half at just £32 per month.

That £64 a month gives you a whopping 10GB of fast 4G data and unlimited calls but that’s not all … For the first 2 month you get unlimited data to really get you off the ground running!

The total cost of this deal is just £768* for the entire contract period at which point you can change your tariff right down or look elsewhere for a better deal! … No waiting around for 2 years!

Just to sweeten the deals even more there are Amazon Vouchers available ranging from £10 to £30 depending on the colour scheme of the iPhone 6S you prefer … BUT WAIT!!!


If you are not bothered about the vouchers then how about this … You can get the largest memory capacity iPhone 6S 128GB for EXACTLY THE SAME PRICE!

cheapest iphone 6s 128gb contract deals

iPhone 6S 128GB 12 Months Deal

If you can afford the monthly payments then these 12 month deals are an absolute steal and you are free to do what you want after just 1 year!

*The Workings Out

If you compare the overall expenditure of these 12 month contracts to buying a SIM free iPhone 6S 128GB from somewhere like Amazon which is currently priced at £699 you start to see the value in these deals.

12 x £64 = £768, that’s just £69 extra for 12 months of 10GB 4G data and unlimited calls!

Even the best value SIM Only tariffs cannot offer this, £69 / 12 = £5.75, if you can find a SIM Only SIM card deal that offers all this for just £5.75 per month …. we’ll eat our iPhone!!!

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