iPhone 6 refurb deals

Refurbished iPhone 6 Deals – Cheaper Contracts at Clearance Prices

We’ve witnessed a small price drop in contract deals for the iPhone 6 since it’s launch but now we are starting to see some significant discounts as refurbished models start to make their way into the market.

iPhone 6 refurb deals

Compare the cheapest prices for refurbished iPhone 6

iPhone 6 Refurb Prices

The cheapest pay monthly tariff to currently offer a brand new iPhone 6 with no upfront cost is currently priced at £41 and is offered by Tesco Mobile, however consumers can now pick up a free refurbished iPhone 6 from just £33 a month thanks to the new clearance deals released recently.

This very same deal is also available for the gold and the silver iPhone 6, For your £33 a month you get 500 minutes of calls and 500MB of data each month.

What is a refurbished iPhone 6?

Commonly referred to as either refurb or clearance deals, these phones are those that have been previously sent out to a customer and returned within the ‘cooling off’ period.

They are then inspected and tested plus sometimes re-boxed depending on the state of the packaging after transport, they are then sold at significantly cheaper prices than the brand new versions of the phone.

That said, these phones are still supplied with the full manufacturers warranty as you would get with a brand new model so if any problems develop you are still fully covered.

This makes refurb phone deals extremely popular and far cheaper yet with all the benefits of a brand new phone!

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