Blackberry Passport turns Red with Vodafone & EE 4G Offers

The Blackberry Passport has been available in both black and white colour schemes since its original launch, but now there’s a new colour scheme to get pulses racing.

The new red edition Blackberry Passport is a vibrant new model that offers all of the same exciting technology as the earlier models (including that amazing square display!) but encases them in a new  bright red housing including that qwerty keyboard!

Blackberry Passport Red

Blackberry Passport in Red – Compare the cheapest deals and prices today!

Your Passport to the Best Deals

Although at the time of writing this article the Blackberry Passport is also available on Orange and T-Mobile contract deals, that is set to change at midnight tonight as we say farewell to the two previous networks forever!

As of tomorrow morning there will only be EE and unfortunately a lot less choice for consumers!

However as it stands today, the current cheapest contract tariffs to include a Blackberry Passport without an upfront cost will set you back just £26.50 a month on Vodafone, that said unless you are a super-low user these tariffs are not for you with only 100MB of data and 100 minutes of calls on offer.

The most popular deals for the red Blackberry Passport are currently on EE and priced at £31.99 for 2GB of data and unlimited calls each month, there’s a £49.99 upfront price to pay for the handset but you get far more for your money.

What the Red Blackberry Passport Offers

Red Blackberry Passport

Blackberry Passport Red

The Passport comes with a new large square touch screen for an amazing viewing and reading experience, giving you wider vision that unleashes your capabilities to do mobile business the way you have always wanted. BlackBerry Passport also comes with a touch-enabled keyboard that lets you perform many touch functions right on the keyboard.

The new large square touch screen provides an amazing viewing and reading experience, giving you wider vision that unleashes your capabilities to do mobile business the way you have always wanted. It is designed for a better web browsing, reading, editing, and maps experience.

The touch-enabled keyboard lets you perform many functions right on the keyboard. It’s responsive to touch so you can scroll web pages, flick to type or slide along the keys to move the cursor. All this right on your keyboard, leaving the full screen space for viewing. Only BlackBerry can take a perfect keyboard and make it better.

On BlackBerry 10, now you can discover and download both Android and BlackBerry apps. Access the very best business and productivity apps through BlackBerry World and the latest Android apps and games such as Minecraft: Pocket Edition, Pinterest and Candy Crush Saga.

Blackberry Passport Red

Red Blackberry Passport

BlackBerry Passport is built with premium durable materials mixed with top of the line technology, ensuring you get power, speed and durability required for any demanding schedule. Get the latest technology – 453 DPI screen display, Quad Core 2.2 GHZ Qualcomm processor, 3 GB RAM, 13 MP OIS Camera, and 32 GB of storage.

BlackBerry Assistant allows you to manage your work and personal email, contacts, calendar and other BlackBerry 10 features through simple voice and text commands. It helps you to execute important tasks quickly such as responding to important emails, scheduling a meeting or getting directions. BlackBerry Assistant is intelligent enough to respond to you based on your situation.

Speak freely to it and it will respond in kind. Type a query and it will respond simply with information on the screen. When you’re connected to Bluetooth in the car, it knows you can’t look at the screen and will interact with you completely eyes and hands free. All this within one application. No moving in and out of multiple applications to complete a number of tasks.

BlackBerry is well known for amazing battery life. BlackBerry Passport delivers our best battery performance to date with an impressive 3450mAh battery and optimization of power consumption in BlackBerry 10. With up to 30 hours of mixed use, you can be confident your phone can keep going for as long as you need it to.

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