samsung galaxy s6 edge+ plus black sapphire and gold platinum 32gb and 64gb

Vodafone and O2 prices for the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ Plus 32GB and 64GB

Following on from yesterday’s announcements of both EE and Three Mobile prices for the new S6 Edge+ (Plus) we can now reveal that we have Vodafone and O2 deals available for the 32GB and 64GB Black Sapphire and Gold Platinum editions.

The larger than life Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus has now had contracts released by third party retailers which are significantly cheaper than those of buying directly from the network operators.

S6 Edge Plus Contract Pricing

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus (Edge+)

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus (Edge+)

We’ll start where many consumers start when looking for deals, the cheapest contract tariffs to offer the new Samsung S6 Edge+ with no upfront cost …

  • Vodafone

On Vodafone, you can expect to currently pay £39 a month to gain a free phone, this tariff includes 1000 minutes of calls and 1GB of data along with an incentive from the retailer of £72 cash back … if you take this into consideration your line rental drops to £36 a month after redemption.

Cheaper overall deals are to be had if you don’t mind paying upfront for your new S6 Edge Plus, at £30 a month with 2GB data you pay £159.99 upfront equalling £879.99 over the 24 month contract period.

  • O2

Unsurprisingly, O2 are more expensive as usual, tariffs that include a free phone start from a whopping £59 a month with 10GB data and unlimited calls, again there are better options available with a deal at £36 providing 3GB data and a phone cost of £99 upfront.

64GB Samsung S6 Edge Plus

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ Plus Gold Platinum

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ Plus Gold Platinum

Double the memory equals more money, but how much more?

The cheapest pay monthly tariff to include a free S6 Edge+ 64GB is on Vodafone at £49 a month with 6GB of data and unlimited calls, there’s also £84 of cash back (by redemption) available which discounts the overall line rental price to £45.50.

O2 deals do not offer a free Samsung S6 Edge+, the cheapest purchase price is currently £59.99 at £59 a month … that’s a staggering £1475.99 over the 24 month contract!

The 64GB S6 Edge Plus is also now available on EE and is available from £46.99 with no upfront cost.

We are still receiving new deals for the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ from other retailers so keep an eye on our website for the cheapest prices.

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