New live Android-powered BlackBerry Venice photos leaked

Now that Apple has finally lifted the lid on its new iPhones, we can now focus on other leaks concerning other unannounced smartphones. In the past few months, we’ve been coming across a number of leaks involving the Android-powered BlackBerry Venice slider. As of late, the leaks went dry, but now we’ve come across live photos of the device.

BlackBerry Venice live photos

Recent-apps-cards-change-size-depending-on-usage The-phone-will-have-an-18MP-rear-camera-with-OIS Widgets-are-available-for-the-device Send-an-email-post-an-event-to-the-calendar-and-more-all-from-the-home-screen Live-shots-of-the-Android-powered-BlackBerry-Venice Live-shots-of-the-Android-powered-BlackBerry-Venice (1) Boot-screen-says-BlackBerry-powerede-by-Android Live-shots-of-the-Android-powered-BlackBerry-Venice (2) Live-shots-of-the-Android-powered-BlackBerry-Venice (3)

The photos seen above come to us courtesy of AndroidAuthority. Aside from showing us the rumoured BlackBerry Venice slider, it also shows us that the device screams stock Android with a few BlackBerry 10 features slapped on top. One of the photos shows the smartphone booting up, showing the Android bugdroid holding a shield. This is meant to show that BlackBerry has made Android more secure, which is something, sad to say, the operating system has failed in. A series of photos shows what BlackBerry has done to change Android. It shows that three options that include Google Now are offered with a swipe up. The two other options include allowing users to create a message or perform a local search.

In another photo showing the Recent Apps page, the “card” for each app is shown in a different size, which is based on how many times the app is used by the user. Additionally, a photo showing the boot screen shows the BlackBerry logo close to the top. It is followed by the phrase “powered by Android.” Lastly, some photos show that users will be able to do an assortment of thins from the home screen. These include adding new events or meetings to the calendar and checking agendas for the day. Lastly, Venice owners will be able to compose emails, BBM messages, or send text messages from the home screen.

As far as specs go, past reports have revealed that the BlackBerry Venice (model number STV100-6) will sport a 5.4-inch screen with a resolution of 1440 x 2560 pixels (Quad HD). Its camera combo is said to consist of an 18-megapixel rear-facing camera with OIS and a 5-megapixel front-facing selfie-centric camera. Under the hood is said to be a Qualcomm Snapdragon 808 64-bit hexa-core processor with four ARM Cortex-A53, two ARM Cortex-A57 cores, and an Adreno 418 GPU, coupled with 3 GB of RAM. According to reports, the BlackBerry Venice will be offered by the four major network operators in the US in November. Although it is yet to be determined if the device will be available in the UK, we’re guessing it will.

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