BlackBerry Z3 pre-order stock sold out in Indonesia

The BlackBerry Z3, an affordable all-touch BB10-powered handset manufactured by Foxconn, recently went up for pre-order in Indonesia. With one carrier, the handset’s pre-order stock was sold out in just seven hours. Now 2 more network operators have announced that their pre-order stock has been sold out as well.

BlackBerry-Z3-sells-out-pre-order-inventory-at-some-Indonesian-carriers (1)

BlackBerry-Z3-sells-out-pre-order-inventory-at-some-Indonesian-carriers (2)


The news comes to us courtesy of BerryFlow. According to the site, “It took less than 7 hours for contacts in Indonesia to let us know that the Jakarta Edition Z3 has sold out on Elevenia. For us here in the NA, it had not even turned April 28th yet. When BlackBerry pushed the press regarding the Z3 pre-order fairly certain the device was already unavailable on 1 retailer.”

In an update, it said, “Now Elevenia, Jeruknipis and Globalteleshop have also sold out.”

We all know BlackBerry is in trouble. However, from the looks of things, it may just have a fighting chance.

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