BlackBerry to no longer make smartphones if Priv is unsuccessful

We’ve been hearing a lot about the BlackBerry Priv in the past few months, and now the Canadian phone maker has recently confirmed the existence of the smartphone. Apparently, BlackBerry has a lot riding on the device, as it is not only the first Android-powered device made by the company, it is also the company’s last hope when making smartphones comes to mind.

A lot riding on the BlackBerry Priv


Speaking at the Code/Mobile conference, TheVerge reports, BlackBerry CEO John Chen revealed more about the Canadian phone maker’s future. According to Chen, BlackBerry’s goal is to sell 5 million smartphones every year. This would allow the company’s smartphone division to remain profitable. This said, it is the BlackBerry Priv that is expected to help the company reach this goal.

Reaching the 5 million smartphones a year mark will be a huge challenge for BlackBerry. In a recent earnings report, the Canadian company revealed that it only managed to sell 800,000 units of handsets in the second quarter of the financial year. This means that the Priv will make it or break it for BlackBerry.

So what will happen if BlackBerry doesn’t reach its goal? According to Chen, it wouldn’t be impossible for Blackberry to exit making smartphones. This means that, if the Priv turns out to be a flop, it would be the last smartphone the Canadian company ever makes.

This, however, doesn’t mean that BlackBerry would go out of business. If the Priv doesn’t turn out to be a success, the company could focus more on being a provider of security solutions for other platforms, such as Google’s Android or Apple’s iOS.

Going back to what the BlackBerry Priv has to offer, the high-end slider will run Android, but BlackBerry says that the device was designed with privacy and security in mind, hence the name. Chen adds that BlackBerry’s mobile security tech matches that of Samsung’s Knox, when features come to mind. The CEO also believes that the Priv will excel when it comes to battery life, antennas, and text input (thanks to the phone’s slide-out physical keyboard).

So when do we get to get our hands on the BlackBerry Priv? According to past reports, BlackBerry will launch the high-end slider sometime in November.

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