BlackBerry show pictures showing Z3 selling like hotcakes in Indonesia

According to Blackberry, its new pocket-friendly BlackBerry Z3, a handset manufactured by Foxconn with BlackBerry providing the software, is selling like hotcakes in Indonesia. It has published photos on its official blog proving a successful launch weekend.




According to BlackBerry, “Thanks to my Asian colleagues Hans Sabastian and Yolanda Nainggolan, I’ve been able to get a few more details and pictures – out of Jakarta, where our Z3 smartphone was launched on Friday.

“As I reported yesterday, the Z3 was sold out on Friday at retailers all around Jakarta, including our main promotional event in the city’s upscale Central Park Mall, where buyers lined up outside the mall before the event.

“(As our pals over at CrackBerry noted, pre-orders of the Z3 were also sold out at our partner retailers in Indonesia.)

“Judging by this, the crowds in Central Park on Saturday were just as strong as they were on day one.”

BlackBerry is yet to announce if the Z3 will be available outside of Indonesia.

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