BlackBerry releases Device Switch app instructional video

Have you made the switch from an iPhone or Android smartphone to a new BlackBerry handset such as the BlackBerry Passport, or are you upgrading from a device running BlackBerry 7 to a new device running BlackBerry 10? If so, you must be dreading the process of transferring data. Fortunately for you, BlackBerry has released the Device Switch app to make the transition fairly easy. It has also released an instructional video to make it even easier for you.


Hit play to watch the video.


According to BlackBerry:

Install this app on your old and new device, complete a few steps, and you can transfer the following information:

  • Contacts (including contact photos, birthdays, etc.)
  • Calendar items (including recurring entries)
  • Camera photos
  • Camera videos
  • And more depending on the device that you are switching from

You can download the Device Switch app here.

Have you made the switch from an iPhone, Android smartphone, or older BlackBerry to a BlackBerry 10 device? Has the Device Switch app made the transition easier for you? Drop a comment on our Phones LTD Facebook page.

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