BlackBerry planning to launch an unconventional device after the small success of the Passport

Speaking to Reuters, a BlackBerry exec says that the Canadian phone maker is planning to launch an unconventional device after the small success of the BlackBerry Passport and the announcement of smaller losses than expected.

BlackBerry-Passport (2)

The exec in question is Ron Louks, head of the company’s devices arm. He said:

When it comes to design and being a little bit disruptive, we want that ‘wow’ factor. Not all of the products will have it, but we definitely have opportunities.

Reuters says, “BlackBerry already has another unconventional device in the works, he said, adding that it has already received some positive feedback from carriers on it.”

Louks remained tight-lipped about the unconventional device BlackBerry was cooking up, but said:

From a roadmap perspective, I’m pretty happy with where we are at for next year.

He also said the demand for the Passport is expected to exceed expectations.

Speaking about the successors of the Passport and Classic, BlackBerry CEO John Chen said:

Given the receptivity for the Passport, I know that we’ll have at least another generation of that device. I also carry very high hopes for the Classic, and I’ve spoken with a lot of people that want it … so I think we will have another iteration on that, and there will be a new concept device too.

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