Amazon Fire Phone 2 not coming until 2016

According to a report, Amazon is working on the Fire Phone 2, the successor of this year’s Fire Phone. This isn’t really surprising, despite the smartphone failing to capture the market (in other words a monumental flop). What is surprising is, the report says that we won’t see the Fire Phone 2 until 2016.


The news comes to us courtesy of VentureBeat. According to the site, “Amazon has indeed been working on a followup to its ill-fated Fire phone, but will not release the new model until 2016, several sources close to the situation have told VentureBeat.

“Amazon has been working on the phone for months, but, thrown back on its heels by the frighteningly poor sales of the first Fire phone, has “gone back to the drawing board” as one source puts it. Amazon is trying to figure out which features to put in the new phone that will make it a success.”

It adds, “The company’s CEO Jeff Bezos is still very much behind the idea of selling a phone, our sources say, and has kept the project on the agenda. Bezos said in a recent interview that he feels the product is still a very young one, and that Amazon will continue to “iterate” on the phone in the coming years.”

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